WSYJ480LD Sylvia Turnout Tights


• TS(JP140~150 / US Woman 4'7"~4'11")
• TM(JP145~160cm / US Woman 4'9"~5'3" )
• TL(JP155~170cm / US Woman 5'1"~5'7")
• Nylon・Polyurethane

The tights that give you the feeling of turnout just by wearing them!

<Features of Sylvia Turn-Out Tights>
Even though you understand the importance of turnout, do you ever find yourself in a position where you are inwardly turning?
These tights promote continuous external rotation from the hip to the ankle, reminding us of the turnout that we often forget.
At the beginning of use, resistance is felt due to the force of external rotation of the tights and the force of one's own tendency to internally rotate the tights, but continuous use will help the user to learn the correct movement.
Correct turnout also leads to beautiful legs and injury prevention.


It is important to wear it correctly in order to realize its effectiveness. Please check the instruction manual and online video for proper use.
These tights encourage turnout, but if a person with a tendency toward inner thighs takes a lesson without turnout in mind, he or she will feel more resistance than necessary.
Always keep in mind that the lesson is about turnout, in accordance with the tights' ability to try to turn you outward.

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