ESYD65010 Sylvia Ballet Position Mat


• 60×60(cm), 23.6×23.6(inch)
• Linoleum

Made in Japan
※ Patent Pending

Let's learn the universal sense of direction. A good ballet lesson cannot be performed well if the direction of the body and legs, which are essential for ballet lessons, are out of alignment. By using this product, you can eliminate subtle misalignments among ballerinas and classes, and develop a sense of correct direction common to the world, regardless of the shape of the place where you dance. 
【Cautions for use】
For ages 10 years old and up
Please note that the printed surface of the mat is subject to wear and tear and will become dirty or peel off.
(If you are able to step on the mat properly, the printed surface will wear out more quickly.)
It is possible to use a non-slip surface underneath to prevent the mat from moving, but we recommend that you refrain from doing so, as it may cause the legs to twist.
【Care Instructions】
Please wipe off any stains with a dry dishcloth or a tightly wrung dishcloth.
Please do not rub the stain on the printed part strongly.

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