ESYDRMB Sylvia Massage Balls (Set of 3)


(Diameter)L 6cm(2.3inch)・M 5.3cm(2inch)・S 3cm(1.1inch)
• Rubber

Massage balls for body maintenance. The combination of balls of different sizes and hardness allows for efficient relaxation of myofascia and muscles. Used before lessons, myofascial release increases the range of motion of muscles and reduces the risk of injury. Also, use after a lesson to prevent fatigue buildup.

Pink series, the 3cm (small) may be a different blue color from the purple in the image. Please note that the color cannot be specified, so please place your order accordingly.

●The ball is of moderate hardness for massage and is made of durable material.
●Gently roll the ball to relax the whole body from neck to feet.
●Pinpoint pressure is applied to myofascia and muscles in deep areas that are difficult to reach, to help the body relax and unwind.
●It can be used not only by pressing against the floor or wall, but also while sitting.
●It can also be used to develop sensitivity in the toes and soles of the feet.
●The 6cm ball is soft, so it can have a deeper effect on the deeper layers of the body.
●The ball is also conveniently portable, so it can be used anywhere to relieve stiffness and release myofascia.

【Cautions for use】

●For ages 10 years old and up
Do not use for any purpose other than massage.
Do not use on injured areas.
Do not apply strong massage to the same area for a long time.
Do not use on infants or children.
Do not use on weak skin.
This product is not intended for therapeutic use. If you experience strong pain, swelling, numbness, or any skin problems during use, discontinue use immediately.
Do not stand on the ball or step on it accidentally as it may cause you to fall.
Do not throw the ball at people or objects.

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