ESYDWBB Sylvia Wood Balance Board


• Diameter 39cm, 15.3(inch)
• Main part: Wood (Board surface: Non-slip finish)、Base: Plastic

Perfect balance board for dancers who want to strengthen their cores.
It efficiently develops the body's sense of balance.

●Strengthens and improves body balance and strengthens the core and inner muscles by maintaining balance on unstable footholds.
●By developing a sense of balance, it can be expected to prevent and reduce injuries, and to facilitate the techniques and movements necessary for ballet.
●Muscles and nerves not used in daily life are stimulated, leading to improved performance.
●The board surface has an anti-slip coating.
●The main body part is made of wood, making it highly durable.
●Its compact size (39 cm in diameter) allows for training anywhere.

【Cautions for use】

For ages 10 years old and up
●Some floor surfaces may be dented or scratched. Use a thick mat or other material depending on the situation.
●Do not use on slippery or non-flat floors.
●Until you get used to it, please use it where there is something to support your body in case you lose your balance.
●Do not place anything nearby that could cause injury in the event of a fall.
●Avoid use by infants and children.
※Board surface and wood color may change depending on the time of arrival of goods.

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