ESYN609017-609018 Tambourine


• Size S : Diameter 18 x H4.5cm, 7.09 x 1.8inch
• Size M : Diameter: 21 x H4.5cm,  8.3x 1.8inch
• Wood Grain (Frame color)
• Cow Split Leather, Natural Wood, Stainless

● It comes with ribbons in three colors (red, yellow, and navy blue).
● Skin: Authentic cow split leather is used. Tone is excellent.
● Frame: Made of accumulated plywood. Unlike plastic, this material has     the warmth of wood and is strong and durable.
● 5 jingles: Made of stainless steel. Excellent tone.

●The end of the jingle is bent, making it safe for use by young children and the elderly.
●It can be used not only in elementary, junior high, and high schools, but also for small children, nursery schools, kindergartens, and even people in specialized fields.
●You can experience the difference in sound due to the vibratory characteristics of the wood and moderate sound absorption.
●The product is made by craftsmen one by one using high quality materials such as Japanese domestic cowhide, wooden frames and jingles (tin) manufactured in Japan.
●Each item is individually boxed for easy storage.
※Since the product is manufactured from natural wood and other materials, please note that each piece may differ in workmanship.

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