HSYD94686 Hurtless Pad


• M/L(JP 22~, US Woman 5~, UK 2.5~, EU 35~)
• Polyester, Urethane

Excellent shock absorbing material used in a wide range of fields. It has excellent sweat absorbency, eliminating discomfort caused by perspiration, and is smooth to the touch. Pads are placed under the other four fingers, which have less pressing force than the thumb, to support standing straight with all fingers. The sole is free, making it easy to use the fingers and preventing weight from being shifted to the little finger side. The sides are made longer, so they soften the impact on the big toe and little toe. On the other hand, if you are concerned about the length, you can cut it to your desired length and wear it.

※This product is not guaranteed to be injury-free.

Made in Japan.

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