SSYK13010 Sylvia Cherry Pointe Shoes (Russian Pink)


• Width B(extra-narrow width/JP 22.0~25.5, US Woman 5~8.5)
• Width C(narrow width/JP 21.0~26.5, US Woman 4~9.5)
• Width D(standard width/JP 17.0~27.0, US Kids 11~US Woman 10)
• Width E(wide width/JP 20.0~27.0,US Kids 1~US Woman 10) 
• Width EE(extra-wide width/JP 20.0~27.0 ,US Kids 1~US Woman 10)  additional $4.00
• Width EEE(ultra wide width/JP 22.0~26.0, US Woman 5~9) additional $4.00
•JP26(US Woman Size 9) and larger: additional $4.00

Please refer to the size conversion chart.

Cherry was created to provide a beautiful aesthetic with a sleek fit. It comes with a medium strength leatherboard shank and last comfortably to the foot. Using the same last as Neo Cherry, this model retains the soft, comfortable box that quickly adjusts to the foot, but has a little reinforced shank. The foot-friendly shank made of natural leather and the stable oval platform will lead you to the correct pointe position. This model is chosen as a step up from Neo Cherry. Ribbons are pre-sewn on.

When the product is made-to-order or out of stock, it usually takes 3 to 4 weeks to ship.  Delivery time may be extended during busy periods.

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