SSYK14010 Sylvia Neo Cherry Pointe Shoes (Russian Pink)

• Width B(extra-narrow width/JP 22.0~25.5, US Woman 5~8.5)
• Width C(narrow width/JP 21.0~26.5, US Woman 4~9.5)
• Width D(standard width/JP 17.0~27.0, US Kids 11~US Woman 10)
• Width E(wide width/JP 20.0~27.0,US Kids 1~US Woman 10) 
• Width EE(extra-wide width/JP 20.0~27.0 ,US Kids 1~US Woman 10)  additional $4.00
• Width EEE(ultra wide width/JP 22.0~26.0, US Woman 5~9) additional $4.00
•JP 26(US Woman 9) and larger: additional $4.00
Please refer to the size conversion chart.

Neo Cherry has all of the same design elements of Cherry, but comes with a 3/4 shank. The shank supports the arch to make the shoes more stable. Even those with weak feet can easily show the instep of the foot.

The soft and comfortable box is a model that quickly adapts to the foot and is recommended for beginners who are not accustomed to the stiffness of pointe shoes.

The foot-friendly shank made of natural leather and the stable oval platform will lead you to the correct pointe position.

Neo Cherry is our best-selling pointe shoes. This is a model you should definitely try as your first pair. Ribbons are pre-sewn on.

When the product is made-to-order or out of stock, it usually takes 3 to 4 weeks to ship.  Delivery time may be extended during busy periods.

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