SSYK16010 Sylvia Pre Toe Shoes (SOFT BOX )(Russian Pink)


• Width B(extra-narrow width/JP 22.0~25.5, US Woman 5~8.5)
• Width C(narrow width/JP 21.0~26.5, US Woman 4~9.5)
• Width D(standard width/JP 17.0~27.0, US Kids 11~US Woman 10)
• Width E(wide width/JP 20.0~27.0,US Kids 1~US Woman 10) 
• Width EE(extra-wide width/JP 20.0~27.0 ,US Kids 1~US Woman 10)  additional $4.00
• Width EEE(ultra wide width/JP 22.0~26.0, US Woman 5~9) additional $4.00

•JP 26(US Woman 9) and larger: additional $4.00

 Sylvia has improved the shoes used for the British RAD examination practice.

The box is much softer than conventional Silvia pointe shoes, and little softer than Sylvia Pre Toe Shoes(HARD BOX).

Using Pre-toe not only for the RAD exam practice but also before moving up to the pointe class will reduce the stress on the feet and allow for gradual familiarization with the toe box. Take advantage of this especially for your little dancers whose feet have not fully grown.

Please note that lessons cannot be given on full pointe due to the lack of shank on Pre-toe. Ribbons are pre-sewn on.

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